Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sahitya Sabha organised by 7o'clock Forum (21.8.11)

Dipti Dhar (rt) will read a story.
Ratnabali Dutta is reading a story
Subrata Chatterjee is rwading a story

Monday, August 15, 2011

Hiland Park celebrates 65th Independence Day,2011

This year childrens (about 25 heads) from a nearby orpahan house, Mother's Nest Society, with one teacher and an organizer, Sri Sudhendu Ghosh,  has come as invitees to grace the occasion. 
Mrs. Urmilla Basu, 17A1 Fjord,(standing) has taken the initiative to invite the organisation to come to Hiland Park. 
Dr (Prof.) Sunita Banerjee and Mrs. Nilima Samadder are in an welcoming mood.
Mr. Sisir Choudhury, 9A1 Ridge (left), standing at a distance to observe the whole affairs.
Dr.(Prof.) Swaraj Banerjee sitting on a chair on the deck in a juvenile mood.
Mr. Avijit Chatterjee, 3D2 Brook, announcing for hoisting the flag.
Mr. Avijit Chatterjee, Chairman HPRAL,hoisting the flag.
Childrens of Mother's Nest Society are singing patriotic songs.
Mr. Sudhendu Ghosh, an organizer of MNS addressing the audience.
Childrens are to the County Hall.
Mr. Prakash Choudhury distributing sweets to the children on behalf of HPRAL.
Dr. (Prof.) Sunita Banerjee are addressing the gathering in the hall.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Inauguration of Hiland Park Club Library, 15th Aug., 2006

From rt. , 2nd row, Analabha Guha, J.P.Roy, Chanda Bhattacharya (guest -trainer, playing harmonium), Pushpita Bhattacharya (grand. daughter of R.Samadder).The programme was inaugurated with a vedic Song, "Song gachchadhwaang, song badodwaang", lyrics and melody by Rabindranath Tagore.

Giti-Nritya; 'Aguner Parash mani' of Rabindranath Tagore. ( from left 2nd. Mira Sengupta, Dr. (Mrs) Shikha Biswas (anchor).
Chorus Giti-Nritya; "We shall overcome"
Sitting on the dais, from left; Col.Rahul Kar,Convener Ad-hoc Comm., Mr.Arun Kumar Gupta, ex-Chairman, HPRAL, Prof. R.Samadder, Convener Organising Committee of Club Library, Dr. Amalendu De, Chief-Guest (talking with Chandan Bhattacharya), Dr. Swaraj Banerjee, Chairman of the Preparatory Committee of the Inaugural Function.   
Mr. Arun Kumar Gupta, delivering inaugural speech. 
Prof. R.samadder, reading vote of thanks to the audience.
Guests and others visiting Hiland Park Club Library. 
Memebers sitting in the lounge; from left; Prof.R.Samadder, Dr. (Mrs) Sikha Biswas, Dr. Sunita Banerjee, Mr. P.Bhaduri, showing back. 
Mr. Arun Kumar Gupta and Prof. R. Samadder.