Thursday, August 14, 2014

Independence day celebrated- (15.8.2014)


vishal kapoor, chairman of HPRAL (sitting) announcing.
for Hoisting the National Flag.
Vishal Kapoor Saluting the National Flag after hoisting.
hilanders participating national songs
hilanders observing 1-minute silence to the honour of martyrs of India.

Inauguration of Hiland Park Club Library-15.8.2006

Anchoring Dr. Shikha Majumdar, 3rd from left.
chairman mr. a. k. roy talking with prof. r. samadder
from left (sitting); cornel kar, a. k. roy, r.samadder, dr. amalendu de (inaugurator) , dr. s. banerjee
mr. a. k. roy addressing the gathering
prof. samadder offering thanks to the hilanders

bouquet offered by ladies club to the organising committee consisting of Prof. R. Samadder (convener), Prof. (late)A.K.Das., Prof. Anita Mukherjee, Sm Gita Sinha Roy, Sm. Mira Sengupta  
dance, aguner parashmani chnoyao praane
a dance performance
inaugural song by hilanders