Sunday, August 30, 2009


For the first time in Hiland Park, a demonstration had been arranged on "generating true happiness" by the sisters of Brahma Kumari of Bangur Avenue Kolkata on 29th Aug 2009, at 6.30 P.M. Notices were displayed in different towers welcoming the residents to attend.

The programme started after an announcement by Moly Chakraborty, one of the organiser of Hiland Park centre of Brahma Kumari of bangur Avenue Branch, Kolkata.

Moly Chakraborty announcing the progeamme.

Flowers were offered to all the sisters by the senior citizens of Hiland Park.
Madhu Diti receiving flowers.

Ashmita diti explaining what is happiness. how we can be happy at least for a moment. She asked everybody to maintain silence for one minute to feel it.

Padma diti also delivered lecture.
The programme continued for some time more.
Budha meditating in Borim Temple, Korea.
Siva meditating, Bangalore

Workshop for meditation, 1979, Nambassa, Newzealand.

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