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Atul Prasad Sen,poet,singer and composer

Atul Prasad sen, was a Bengali Poet, lyricist and singer. He hailed from the village Magor in south Bikrampur, Faridpur (Bangladesh).He was born in his maternal uncle's house in Dhaka (as was the custom at that time). His father died when he was a toddler. He was brought up by his maternal grand father Kalinarayan Gupta, a follower of Bhagavat and a good singer and a lyricist of devotional songs, who initiated him in music and devotional songs. In 1890, he passed the matriculation Examination and came to Calcutta for further study in Presidency College. After being graduated , he went to London and returned back successfully passing Barrister at law. He opened his practice in Rangpur and Calcutta and then settled in Lucknow, where he became the President of the Oudh Bar Association and oudh Bar Library. During his stay in Lucknow he might be getting inspiration from the musical environment there.
He is principally remembered as a musician and composer. His songs centred round three broad perspectives-patriotism,devotion and love.The sufferings he experienced in his life found their ways into his lyrics, and this has made his songs full of pathos. Atulprasad is credited with introducing the Thumri style in bengali music.He also pioneered Ghazal's in Bengali, composing about 6 or 7 Ghazals.
He was one of the founder of non-resident (now Nikhil Bharat) Banga Sahitya Sammilan. He edited the organisation's magazine Uttara and chaired the Kanpur and Gorakhpur conventions. Though he did not take part in active politics , he was a supporter Congress and later showed liberal tendencies. He spent most of his earnings in the welfare of the local people. He also donated his wealth and copy right of his writings to welfare oriented organisation.
Amongst his written works were Kakali, Some songs and Gitaguchcha.
Insome of his songs such as "Uthogo Bharata Lakshmi"had touch of foreign tunes. The German Poet Gette's word got shape in his life.
He was popular in Lacknow in the name of Nawab Atul and the name of a road was depicted by his name in his lifetime to honour his qualities and love for people.
Atul Prasad's house in Lucknow

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